HRS-2 BuNo 129017 - 129049 (33 Total)  updated 11/25/2017
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129017         017 w/USN 017 w/USN NADC 017@Aberdeen
129018 UP-52 w/HU-1
129019* HN-1 HMR-361 File photo   XM-6 w/HMX-1    
129020 XM-2 HMX-1 File Photo Civil N8307. Restored @ Australia Museum of Flight  (See 'Civilians& Survivors' database page) #9020 w/HU-2
129022 XM-7 HMX-1 File Photo/S. Nanson (See 'Civilians & Survivors' database page)
129023     FAA Registry Civil registry as N865RL. Crashed/destroyed 6/11/78. (See 'Civilians & Survivors' database page)      
129024 XM-9 HMX-1 FAA Registry Civil registry as N15187. (See 'Civilians and/or Survivors' database) w/USN
129026* HN-2 HMR-361 File Photo YP-82 w/HMR(L)-163
129027 XM-6 HMX-1 File Photo   w/USN @ Moffett    
129028 XM-12 HMX-1 File Photo Civil N4721. Restored @ British Columbia Avia.Mus. (See 'Civilians & Survivors' database page) w/USCG as 9028 w/USN as 9028
129029 ET-45 HMRL-262 File Photo Last HRS/CH-19 in service - SOC Dec. 1, 1969. Also longest serving HRS - 17 years, 8 months.      
129030 HN-3 HMR-361 File Photo (See 'Civilians / Survivors' database) HL-8 w/HMR-362
129032 HT-7 HMR-262 File Photo
129033 HT-6 HMR-262 File Photo   EG-70 w/HMR(L)-263 HT-35 w/HMR-262  
129035 HL-3 HMR-362 File Photo        
129036 HN-6 HMR-361 File Photo HS-53 w/HMR-162 YP-75 w/HMR(L)163
129037 HL-? HMR-362   Crashed in San Bernardino Mtns., CA. during rescue mission, 12/5/52 News Article    
129038 HT-4 HMR-262 UR-93 w/HU-2 w/USN as 9038
129039 HT-3 HMR-262 File Photo        
129040 HT-2 HMR-262 File Photo
129041 HR-15  HMR-161 File Photo   HL-9 w/HMR-362    
129042 HR-16 HMR-161 Photo/AC Hist.Card
129043 HR-17 HMR-161 File Photo   HR-12 w/HMR-161 YZ-64 w/HMR-363 w/Honduran AF
129044 HT-15 HMR-262 File Photo w/USMC as 9044
129045 HT-10 HMR-262 File Photo   XM-11 w/HMX-1    
129046 HN-3 HMR-361 File Photo
129047 HL-2 HMR-362 File Photo        
129048 HR-3 HMR-161 File Photo
129049 HZ-1 HMR-363 File Photo