HRS-2 BuNo's 130138 - 130181 & 130192 - 130205 (58 Total)  updated 11/25/2017
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130138 IL-11 HMR-263 File Photo        
130139 HT-10 HMR-262 File Photo
130140 IL-2 HMR-263 File Photo        
130141 HT-12 HMR-262 File Photo Civil N94475, Crashed - 5/30/02. (See 'Civilians and Survivors' database page)                                           0141 w/USN
130143 IL-6 HMR-263 File Photo
130144  HT-16 HMR-262 File Photo        
130145 XM-8    HMX-1  File Photo/S. Nanson  Civil registry as N10618. (See 'Civilians and Survivors' database page)  
130146         w/USN as UP46    
130147 HT-39 HMR-262 File Photo
130148 HT-13 HMR-262 File Photo   with US Navy    
130149 HT-7 HMR-262 File Photo/S. Nanson (See 'Civilians and Survivors' database page)   HT-17 w/ HMR-263 EG-62 w/HMR-263 with US Navy
130150* HP-4 HMR-163 File Photo        
130151 YP-77 HMR(L)-163 File Photo/L. Ziegler Restored as USCG, HO4S #1258 @ National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, Florida YP-71 w/HMR(L)-163 In Storage @ DM 0151 w/USN
130153* HN-1 HMR-361 File Photo
130154* HL-11 HMR-362 File Photo   w/H&MS36 as WX-5 w/HC-5 as TD-53 w/USN as 0154
130155 HR-19 HMR-161 File Photo HR-10 w/HMR-161
130156* YR-4 HMR(L)-161 File Photo Civil registry as N15186. (See 'Civilians and Survivors' database page)        
130157 HL-1 HMR-362 File Photo XM-4 w/ HMX-1 HT-87 w/HU-4
130158 HR-7 HMR-161 File Photo   w/HMR-362 as HL-24 0158 w/USN  
130159 HR-? HMR-161 File Photo
130160 YS-42 HMR(L)-162 File Photo   w/USN as 0160    
130161* HZ-2 HMR-363 Accident report #774 Civil registry as N8327. (See 'Civilians and Survivors' database page)                                         
130162 HS-41 HMR-162 File Photo Crashed on Antarctica 2/15/61 w/HU-1 aboard Staten Island.(source: UP-49 w/HU-1 UP-49 accident  
130163 HL-6 HMR-362 News Photo w/HMR-163 as HP-3
130164*       (See 'Civilians and Survivors' database page)   w/Marine SAR  0164@Monterey w/USN
130165* HL-9 HMR-362 File Photo
130166* HP-9 HMR-163 File Photo   HN-4 w/HMR-361 YP-?? w/HMR(L)-163  
130167* HP-10 HMR-163 File Photo
130168 HR-4 HMR-161 File Photo Civil N17754. High time HRS w/4877 hrs.(See 'Civilians and Survivors' database page)                                HS-42 w/HMR162    
130169* HZ-4 HMR-363 Accident report #774
130170 HN-6 HMR-361 File Photo        
130171 N/A N/A No USMC service. Delivered to USN with w/HS-2 @ Ream Field. Struck From Inv. 8/26/53
130172 N/A N/A   No USMC service. Delivered to USN with w/HS-2 @ Ream Field. Struck From Inv. 5/30/53      
130174 HR-8 HMR-161 File Photo   YS-47 w/HMR-162    
130175*  YP-80 HMR(L)-163 w/USN as 0175 w/USN as 0175
130176 WW-1 H&MS-16 File Photo/FAA reg.  Civil registry as N95760. (See 'Civilians and Survivors' database page) w/USN as UP-60  0176 w/HU-2  
130177 HR-2 HMR-161 File Photo Civil registry as N92AS. (See 'Civilians and Survivors' database page)  YN-5 w/HMR-361
130178  HR-6 HMR-161 File Photo   HR-6 accident    
130180* HP-2 HMR-163 File Photo        
130181  HR-10 HMR-161 File Photo
130193 HN-5 HMR-361 File Photo YP-75 w/HMR(L)-163 w/USN UP-51 
130196*  HP-13 HMR-163 File Photo   HT-41 w/HMR-262 w/US Navy  
130197  HP-11 HMR-163 File Photo
130199 XM-6 HMX-1  S. Nanson Civil registry as N95761. (See 'Civilians and Survivors' database page)  w/USN as HT-87.   
130200         w/USN as # 0200    
130202 IL-12 HMR-263 File Photo        
130203 IL-14 HMR-263 File Photo
130204 HT-? HMR-262 File Photo Also seen here aboard the USS Salerno Bay w/US Navy    
130205 IL-15 HMR-263 File Photo